Black History Month
Black History Month calls us to celebrate the contributions of Black Americans today and throughout our history as a nation, to understand our country’s systemic inequities more deeply, and to recommit to dismantling racism within ourselves and our communities. 

Race and Reckoning: An Exploration Into Reparations
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Black Lives Matter: What it is and What it ain’t, Feb 18 and 24, a two-part series that dispels some common myths about the BLM movement and explores ways to engage social justice more deeply. 
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Leadership Gallery of The Church Awakens:African Americans and the Struggle for Justice to learn more about the contributions of such Church luminaries as Bishop John T. Walker, Ms. Verna Dozier, Justice Thurgood Marshall, and the Rev. Absalom Jones, America’s first Black priest.

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Holy Week Videos.

The Church of the
Episcopal • Clearwater


Holy Week Guide7 Minutes for 7 Phrases

Ecumenical, Artistic, Response to the Mysteries of the Holy Week
The Falls Church Episcopal in Falls Church Virginia asked other churches to respond to the last seven phrases that Jesus said in an artistic and unique way. Each response is in the form of a video that is no more than seven minutes long. I am inviting you to engage in a daily discipline during Holy Week by watching the presentations and meditating on their messages.

I was a seminarian at The Falls Church and was asked to create a video based on the words, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." It is the first video in the series, and the music for the video was created by my sister Lynda. I hope this journey through Holy Week provides you with some spiritual food as we prepare to celebrate the Easter season.

Peace and Blessings,

Service YouTube Links

Phrase One (The Church of the Good Samaritan Episcopal, Clearwater, FL):
Phrase Two (Faithpoint United Methodist Church, Urbana, MD):
Phrase Three (Rock Christian Church, Falls Church, VA):
Phrase Three (Church of the Holy Trinity Episcopal, and The Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet Middletown, CT):
Phrase Four (Middletown United Methodist Church, Middletown, MD):
Phrase Five (Dumbarton United Methodist Church, Washington, DC):
Phrase Six (The Church of The Epiphany Episcopal, Washington, DC):
Phrase Seven (The Falls Church Episcopal, Falls Church, VA):
Good Friday Service (With All The Phrases Combined)