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The best way to be a good steward of your parish is to invite people to join you at church!

According to Barna research, the average evangelical invites someone to church 14 times a year.

The average Episcopalian? Once every 31 years. I am not making that up!

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We believe in upholding the dignity of all people because,

God loves everyone • NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Church of the
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Stewardship is recognizing the abundance that surrounds us is God’s, and we should show our gratitude for being entrusted with it by sharing it.(Stewardship is recognizing the abundance that surrounds us comes from God. We show our gratitude for being entrusted with this gift of available resources by sharing them)

Stewardship is our life-long process of growth in becoming faithful stewards of God’s blessings. Our web page, in the near future, will include additional information regarding financial support of God’s mission toward our neighbors near and far.

God has blessed Good Samaritan, and in turn, it is our privilege to share those blessings freely. Growing into that realization is a life-long process in understanding that stewardship is not about money, it’s about faith. We see the way God works through our willingness to share in bringing hope and transforming lives. Mostly, our own lives are transformed as we see the power of God’s healing and reconciling love expressed in small everyday acts of generosity. Stewardship involves our commitment of time, talent, and treasure. Recently, the congregation was invited to write on Post It Notes the ways we serve through various Good Samaritan ministries, how we serve our family and extended family, and how we serve as individuals to our community. These Notes are visual reminders that through our thankful and willing hands, God’s provision is sufficient. There are times when we see the “widow’s mite” lived out in our congregation as someone of very modest means is moved to participate in God’s work extravagantly. Many of us began this stewardship journey with small steps by giving of the “leftovers” of our resources. As we start seeing what God accomplishes when we participate a little, our trust grows as does our thankfulness for our God-given blessings—as does our desire to share.

Below is illustrated a tangible way of supporting God’s mission through Good Samaritan. A partial list of outreach we support can be found under the Outreach tab on this web site.

For more information about ways to offer support for mission, please contact our church office, (727) 461-1717, and press option 1 to speak with our priest or leave a message. She will return your call. Or email: or go to the home page on this website under contact us.

Thank you for giving. There is a 3% fee for credit card gifts should you choose to offset this cost.